Adam Kutner Awards $2,500 Scholarship to Law Student in Need

LAS VEGAS, July 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Adam S. Kutner, a leading personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, NV and strong supporter of furthering education for those in need, is happy to announce Christina Varela as the winner of his ongoing “Helping Future Lawyers” scholarship. Ms. Varela will be awarded $2,500 in order to help her reach her goal of graduating college and becoming a lawyer.

Varela is a single mother attempting to put herself through school and pass the bar while working as a legal assistant and taking care of her son at the same time. Her goal is to become a bilingual attorney in her community where legal counsel for Spanish speakers is lacking.

“My community does not have many bilingual attorneys,” Varela said. “I feel I will be a great asset to Hispanics that are not properly represented.”

This is the first year Kutner has offered the “Helping Future Lawyers” scholarship. The scholarship focuses on assisting those in financial need accomplish their goal of pursuing a law degree and improving their communities.

“It’s important for me to help improve my industry and help the next generation of lawyers,” Kutner said. “Ms. Varela is an impressive student who has overcome a lot, and I’m proud to be able to help her in her education.”

Adam S. Kutner & Associates is the leading personal injury law firm in Las Vegas NV. With over two decades of proven results in the state of Nevada, Kutner has become a household name around the Las Vegas Valley. In addition to the donations Kutner makes directly to organizations in the community, he also created a scholarship program to further assist students in need. More information about Mr. Kutner and his scholarship can be found on his website: /