Group of happy schoolboys and girls having a break in the classroom.

For more than 75 years, the mission of Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada has been to serve those in need – the most vulnerable, regardless of race, religion or creed. Today, through the support and generosity of foundations, grants, organizations and individual donors, Catholic Charities continues to operate programs, often with shoestring budgets, to meet the incredible needs of so many, in so many areas. These five categories – Family Services, Food Services, Senior Services, Immigration and Refugee Services, and Homeless and Housing Services – are providing a wide range of human services and support, from infants to seniors. Programs such as the Emergency Shelter, Meals on Wheels Senior Nutrition and Adoption Services are lifelines for those in need. A community resource that offers help and hope and restores a sense of dignity as it strives to meet the diverse needs of the more than 100,000 clients we serve every year.

Recognizing that every person is created in the image of God, Catholic Charities of Southern Nevada originally was formed to carry on charitable work in the fields of religion, education, and social welfare and continues to carry out the vision and mission of the Roman Catholic Church by: providing services to sustain the human dignity of all persons, fostering social justice, and calling on others to do the same within the counties of Clark, Esmeralda, Lincoln, Nye, and White Pine in the State of Nevada.

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