Golden Knights Fans Happy For Former Leader David Perron

David Perron

It would be tough to find a player that wasn’t loved by Golden Knights fans in their inaugural season. David Perron was one of those beloved players.

“For me, to play in the Cup Final last year and not winning it (against the Washington Capitals)and doing it this year, I think it’s that much more special. When you put in all this time all these years, all the work, 12 years later, you find a way.”-David Perron, Stanley Cup Champion

The hockey world watched Perron hoist his first Stanley Cup after losing in last year’s finals with the Golden Knights. St. Louis offered the winger a four-year deal last summer which wasn’t matched by Vegas. It was a sad parting of ways for the Golden Knights fans that attached to Perron early into the 2017-18 season.

Vegas didn’t have the outcome they would like this postseason leaving fans bored and frustrated for the past two months. Thankfully, Perron and the Blues Stanley Cup chase made the Golden Knights void more bearable.

“It’s such a special feeling… Nothing comparable. I think for me personally, to go back for a second [straight] year and finding a way to win, coming back to the Blues three times, it’s unreal. I always believed in what the team was about.”-Perron

Officially the 2018-19 NHL season comes to a conclusion with the St. Louis Blues as the league champions. However, the end of one season means it’s the beginning of the next, and it starts this weekend. The Golden Knights will have a chance to add future talent in the 2019 NHL Rookie Draft, as well as add players via draft day trades. It’s an exciting time of year, especially for a contending club like Vegas. So get the popcorn and take a seat, it’s time for the Golden Knights offseason. It comes and goes quickly.