2/27 Winner of Adam Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

This past Tuesday, the Vegas Golden Knights faced the Los Angeles Kings in a back-to-back matchup.

The Knights and the Kings had played each other the night before, with the Kings taking the win in overtime.

In the rematch, the Knights and Kings played a competitive and physical game.

Tensions must have boiled over from the previous night, as David Perron of the Knights and Drew Doughty of the Kings kept the game physical between the two. Ryan Reaves also added to the physicality, as the newest Knights member upholds his tough-guy reputation and received two penalties later in the game.

The Knights were able to score the first goal of the game from a shot by William Karlsson.

However, the Kings were able to answer back later in the first period.

During the second period, the Knights controlled most of the period and played their game. However, the Knights committed two turnovers that most likely cost them the game, as the Kings capitalized and scored off the mishaps.

Throughout the game, the Knights had no answer for the Kings’ backup goalie. Campbell from the Kings was able to stop 41 shot attempts during the night. The Los Angeles Kings tied the season series with a 4-1 victory. The Knights and the Kings are now 2-2 for the season.

The team at the Adam S. Kutner & Associates were able to give away two tickets to the Pacific Division rivalry game, as well as a Zamboni ride.

Take a look through the post for pictures of our winner.