3/20 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/20 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights are looking to secure a playoff spot with a win over the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks.

The Golden Knights faced the Canucks last night as the Knights chase playoff berth.

The Golden Knights came out strong and immediately took control of the game.

In the first four minutes of the game, the Golden Knights had already scored the first goal of the game. A minute later, the Golden Knights followed up with another goal. With time ticking down in the first period, another goal from the Golden Knights gave them a 3-0 lead to end the first.

The Golden Knight’s control followed into the second period, where they took a 4-0 lead to go into the final period.

The Canucks managed to a goal midway through the third period and end another shutout possibility by the Knights.

The team at Adam S. Kutner & Associates were able to give away two tickets and a Zamboni ride to one lucky fan. Take a look through our Facebook post for more pictures of our winner.