Kutner Donation Helps Support Environmental Sustainability in Nevada

Environmental Sustainability in Nevada

So far, 2017 has shaped up to be a whirlwind year for the global environment. The Earth has seen several natural disasters that have threatened humans, essential infrastructure, and critical environments. In the U.S. alone, there have been several hurricanes that have devastated coastal communities, and powerful wildfires that ravaged cities across the nation. The continual rise in globally devastating natural disasters has renewed the conversation about the importance of environmental sustainability.

The U.S. is known for being one of the world’s top consumers of energy, as well as being a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. One interesting aspect of this energy consumption is that our nation’s homes use a significant percentage of the energy produced. This surprising fact has led to the creation of highly valuable charitable organizations looking to make a difference in the way we consume energy in our homes.

Organizations like Nevada ENERGY STAR Partners, The GREEN Alliance, are dedicated to helping educate the community on home energy efficiency and implement this knowledge in their daily lives. Charitable organizations like The GREEN Alliance depend on generous donations from members of the community to continue their mission of making Nevada homes, and the entire community more sustainable.

A Donation for Nevada’s Future

Environmental Sustainability at Home

In a continuing effort to help support local communities and charitable organizations, Las Vegas personal injury attorney, Adam Kutner has made a $1,000 donation to The GREEN Alliance Las Vegas. Kutner was able to make the donation through his own charitable initiative, Adam Kutner Cares. Through donations like these, The GREEN Alliance can promote and maintain their various efforts aimed at advancing environmental sustainability in the Las Vegas valley, and beyond.

Donations like Kutner’s are crucial to helping The GREEN Alliance continue with their award-winning annual awareness campaign, as well as furthering other initiatives like organizing informational meetings, mixers, seminars, and other special events. Both the campaign and these community events are the backbone of their mission to continue encouraging community awareness and education as well as bringing the community together as a whole. All of these efforts come together to help create a more sustainable Nevada and establish a brighter energy future for all of us.

Helping Sustainability One Donation at a Time

Adam Kutner is the leading personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, and he feels a deep connection to the local community. This stems from his nearly 25 years of protecting the rights of Las Vegas locals. This connection to the community and the individuals who comprise it led Kutner to establish his own way of giving back. To support the many worthy causes in the community, Kutner created his charitable initiative, Adam Kutner Cares.

Through the initiative, Kutner has been able to expand his ability to perform the simple acts that lift the community up. These acts include many generous donations to a variety of charities, schools, and other worthwhile organizations. He was also able to establish a scholarship, Helping Future Lawyers, to provide financial assistance for law school to deserving students. Kutner hopes that his acts of kindness can inspire others in the community to give back in any way they can.