Kutner Donation to Provide Supplies to Elementary Students in Need

Local School Needs Supplies

With back to school season upon us, thousands of children will soon be descending on schools across the Las Vegas Valley. Many of them eager to begin a new school year and fill their minds with knowledge of subjects far and wide. For many Clark County School District schools, including Ronzone Elementary School located in the central Las Vegas Valley, severe funding shortages can have a lasting impact on student’s ability to get the education they deserve. Especially for younger students, having the necessary supplies is crucial to help supplement their capacity to learn new things.

For years, CCSD budget deficits have led to shortages of both qualified teachers and the supplies needed to guide the minds of community children. Many CCSD teachers take on the burden of providing essential supplies for their classrooms, especially at schools in lower income areas. Although these efforts by teachers have aided the supply shortage, it’s often not enough. This consideration makes the need for charitable donations from members of the community essential to the success of students.

Donations Make an Impact

In an effort to help support the future leaders of our community, personal injury attorney Adam Kutner has made a donation to a school in need. Donations like these help bridge the gap in the resources available to community schools and help to ensure students have what they need to learn and grow. Kutner was able to make this generous donation through his charitable initiative, Adam Kutner Cares. This is the first time in the history of the initiative Kutner was able to directly partner with a local school in need.

Just in time for back to school season, Kutner made a $1,000 donation to Ronzone Elementary School to help with supplies for the coming school year. This donation will help stock classrooms with whatever supplies they need to successfully nurture the minds of students at Ronzone. Kutner’s donation will make a direct impact on the educational endeavors of students throughout the school. Leaders at the school are elated about the effect this donation will have on both teachers and students at Ronzone.

“We are so appreciative of any and all donations we receive,” said Lori A. McGaughey, the principal at Ronzone Elementary School. “The students and staff will all be thrilled!”

Simple Acts Make the Difference

Donation to Buy School Supplies

After feeling a desire to give back to the community he protects every day, leading Las Vegas personal injury attorney, Adam Kutner, created an organization to do his part to better the lives of those in need. The initiative, Adam Kutner Cares, partners with a number of local organizations that are dedicated to assisting the community. Since 2015, Adam Kutner Cares has provided annual scholarships to students in need and contributed to various local charities he feels strongly about.

Kutner’s deep passion for impacting the lives of students is evident through his scholarship program, “Helping Future Lawyers,” as well as his most recent donation to Ronzone Elementary School. Kutner’s dedication to community involvement has led him to successfully identify opportunities to give back and act on those opportunities, influencing the lives of Las Vegas residents.

“I saw an article in the newspaper describing the need for additional resources for the schools here in Las Vegas,” said Kutner. “I’m thrilled to be able to help with this issue and make sure additional teachers and students have what they need to succeed.”