Adam Kutner Sponsors Pro Huiqui Soccer Clinic in Las Vegas

This past weekend, professional soccer player and former Mexican National Team player, Joel Huiqui held the first professional soccer clinic in Las Vegas. The two-day event took place at Rancho High School, where the event benefits the school’s soccer program.

Players that signed up for the clinic all had the chance to work out with Joel Huiqui and learn various soccer techniques that are essential in today’s soccer demands. By sharing his knowledge and experience in soccer, Huiqui taught the participants several offensive and defensive tools that the pros use to succeed.

Despite the high temperatures, the kids all had a wonderful experience learning from a renowned soccer player. As for Huiqui, he was excited to share his passion for the game and help these kids learn from his skills and talents.

“Dreams are just the beginning of one’s path guided by God. Sharing my dreams, is my goal and together we can get closer to them.” – Joel Huiqui

The Adam Kutner Cares team helped sponsor the soccer clinic while providing VIP cards, as well as free t-shirts.