2nd Annual Helping Future Lawyers Scholarship Winner Announced


Law Scholarship Students Attend Lecture

It’s no secret that one of the main barriers to young adults deciding to pursue a college education is the cost. The high price tag of a college education can deter some of the brightest minds from following their dreams. This consideration is especially amplified when it comes to specialized degrees, like a law degree, which generally requires more time and money to complete.

These funding obstacles are the reason scholarships are now increasingly important for prospective students to be able to afford a college degree. A scholarship can be the deciding factor for a young adult who’s questioning whether they can afford college or not. Our justice system is not likely to get any less complicated in the future, making the need for young legal professionals as crucial as ever. With this in mind, it’s easy to say that a scholarship can change a person’s life.

About The 2017 Scholarship Recipient

For the second year in a row, Las Vegas personal injury attorney, Adam Kutner, awarded his annual scholarship, “Helping Future Lawyers,” to a deserving student looking to further their prospects as a future lawyer. This year’s winner, Angela Brito, was awarded a $2,500 scholarship to help her pay for her educational fees. The money from the scholarship will go toward covering any expenses Brito encounters on her journey toward becoming an attorney.

For Brito, this scholarship could be the extra helping hand she needs to realize her potential and accomplish her goal of becoming an attorney. Although this scholarship program is just a small piece of the larger effort to give back to the community, the benefits of the program cannot be understated.

Adam Kutner Gives Back

Legal Books for Law Students

As the leading personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, Adam Kutner realized there was a need for an organization that provided charitable contributions to the community. He was able to form an initiative, Adam Kutner Cares, which contributes time and resources to various charities to help strengthen the community and make the legal industry better for everyone. One main focus of this initiative is a scholarship program, “Helping Future Lawyers,” that’s designed to assist students in need.

Kutner’s deep passion for community involvement is evident through this scholarship program. As an attorney with over 25 years of experience in personal injury law, Kutner understands that the barriers to obtaining a law degree often deter prospective lawyers from completing this area of study. Kutner’s scholarship program was specifically designed to help ease the financial burden of young adults pursuing careers as lawyers.

“Helping the next generation of lawyers is very important to me,” Kutner said. “After serving the community here in Las Vegas for decades, I feel a responsibility to give back.”

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Kutner Donation to Three Square Will Provide 6,000 Meals

Happy Girl Receives Food Bank Meal

Although the U.S. is one of the wealthiest countries in the world, there are still a staggering number of Americans struggling with food insecurity. According to Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., in 2015 an estimated 1 in 8 Americans —  42 million people — were food insecure. This is no exception for Americans in the Greater Las Vegas Valley.

According to Three Square, Southern Nevada’s premier food bank, in 2015, 15.6 percent of the population of Clark County was food insecure. This equates to a meal gap of about 52 million meals. Many of those who are suffering from food insecurity are children, with about 117,000 Clark County children going hungry on a regular basis. These astonishing numbers make the need for charitable organizations that provide food assistance to hungry Southern Nevadans, like Three Square Food Bank, essential in our community. The widespread need for wholesome food for hungry people also means that food banks like Three Square rely on charitable donations from citizens in the community looking to give back.

Generous Donations Making A Difference

In an effort to provide as many meals to hungry Southern Nevadans as possible, Three Square teams up with affluent members of the community. For the last few years, Las Vegas personal injury attorney, Adam Kutner, has made a series of generous donations to Three Square. This year, Kutner was excited to make one of his largest contributions yet.

Kutner’s $2,000 donation to Three Square is a giant step in the effort to feed those in need. The money from the 2017 donation should provide roughly 6,000 meals to those who are currently going hungry in Southern Nevada. The donation will help provide food assistance to residents in Clark, Lincoln, Nye, and Esmeralda Counties. Three square’s efforts extend well beyond food banking to include food rescue and providing ready-to-eat meals as a balanced food solution for Southern Nevada. Three Square’s charitable endeavors would not be possible without the generosity of people like Kutner.

Helping Nevada One Donation At A Time

Sorting Donations at a Food Bank

Adam Kutner, the leading Las Vegas personal injury attorney, wanted a way to give back to local causes that he felt passionate about. This desire led him to create an organization that would provide both time and resources to charitable organizations to allow them to further help those in need. Kutner’s initiative, Adam Kutner Cares, is dedicated to partnering with organizations in Las Vegas that are committed to making a difference in the lives of members of the community.

As a longtime advocate for the Las Vegas homeless and hungry population, Kutner considers his partnership with Three Square to be one of his most important. Kutner’s donations coupled with the inspiring efforts of Three Square Food Bank have impacted the lives of many community residents.

“Las Vegas is my home, and it’s my responsibility to help improve the community as much as I can,” Kutner said. “I enjoy helping those I can, and also feel an obligation to contribute to improve the lives of those who live in Las Vegas.”

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