8/6 – #OffseasonwithKutner Weekly VGK Updates

William Karlsson shooting the puck

Over the weekend, the Vegas Golden Knights announced they had come to terms with William Karlsson, a restricted free agent. The star center penned a one-year contract through the 2018-19 season. “Wild Bill” got a well-deserved raise from $1M to $5.25M per season, setting himself up for an extended deal next summer.

“I’m happy to have my deal and we don’t have to speculate other things. I want to prove that I can do it more than just once. Hopefully I play good and can look at a longer deal in the future.”-William Karlsson, VGK Center

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8/2 – #OffseasonwithKutner Weekly VGK Updates

Marc Andre-Fleury getting the puck

In the latest #OffseasonwithKutner updates, we discuss one of the most beloved Golden Knights players, Marc-Andre Fleury.

Fans have favorite players, but often there’s that one that all fans love. Vegas goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury is one of those athletes. Beloved by most, if not all, of the Golden Knights nation

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Submission Process for Adam Kutner’s “Helping Future Lawyers” Scholarship Has Ended

Kutner Scholarship Banner


Thank you for your interest in Attorney Adam Kutner’s “Helping Future Lawyers” Scholarship! The submission process for this year’s scholarship has ended (as of August 1st, 2018) and all qualified applications are now being reviewed. Once the screening process is complete and a winner is chosen, the recipient will be notified by end-of-day Friday, August 17th, 2018. Mr. Kutner and his team look forward to announcing the 2018 scholarship winner!

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Adam Kutner Sponsors Pro Huiqui Soccer Clinic in Las Vegas

This past weekend, professional soccer player and former Mexican National Team player, Joel Huiqui held the first professional soccer clinic in Las Vegas. The two-day event took place at Rancho High School, where the event benefits the school’s soccer program.

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7/25 – #OffseasonwithKutner Weekly VGK Updates

#OffseasonwithKutner Banner

It seems like it’s been forever since Vegas ended their season. Luckily, we’re only 70 days until the Golden Knights first game against the Flyers on October 4th. So, while we continue to wait, and wait, and wait, let’s look ahead to a few key matchups.

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6/8 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

6/9 Golden Knights TIcket Winner

6/9 Golden Knights TIcket Winner

Although the Vegas Golden Knights did not win the Stanley Cup, we want to give a giant thank you to the team for bringing this city together and giving the entire sporting world an unforgettable and historic inaugural season.

It was about five minutes or so after the Stanley Cup Finals had ended. The arena was quiet, the players had their heads down, and the Washington Capitals continued to celebrate their proudest accomplishment. It may have Brayden McNabb, but some player broke that silence with a stick lift to the fans. His salute was matched with thousands of Golden Knights fans applauding their favorite team.

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Adam S. Kutner & Associates Participates in Project REAL’s “Lyrics & Lawyers”

Adam Kutner Team at Project REAL's Lyrics & Lawyers

Project REAL is a non-profit organization that helps teach students in K-12th grade the importance of the law. The goal of the organization is to prepare Nevada’s children to become involved, participating citizens who understand their social responsibilities and rights. Through various programs, students are given the opportunity to learn about the judicial system, review controversial issues and the rights and responsibilities.

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5/30 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

5/30 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

Game 2 began with an energetic performance by Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons. The fans were so pumped up by ID’s rendition of their hit “Whatever it Takes.” The players must’ve heard the raucous crowd, as it didn’t take long for them to get going.

The Real Deal James Neal stepped up first the Golden Knights with a nasty shot past Brayden Holtby for the first score of the game. Washington’s goaltender had no chance, as Neal’s pinpoint accuracy hit to the top right corner of the net taking the early 1-0 lead.

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Adam S. Kutner Continues Golden Knights Tickets Giveaway through the Finals

LAS VEGASMay 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Attorney Adam S. Kutner is giving away four free tickets to every Vegas Golden Knights home game to bolster support for the team as they head to the finals. The winners not only get the chance to watch Las Vegas’ first professional sports team make history, but they also get the opportunity to ride across the ice at T-Mobile Arena on the Zamboni. Tickets to see the Golden Knights at home games will be given away for as long as they continue their quest for the championship trophy.

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5/28 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

5/28 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

The crowd was loud, the lights were bright, and the Golden Knights depth players came out to shine. The final stage began last night at the T-Mobile Arena. The game started off with two teams playing conservative playoff hockey.

After Washington committed an offensive zone penalty the Golden Knights took advantage midway through the first period. Defenseman Colin Miller shot a laser through traffic and past Capitals goaltender Brayden Holtby. This was a prototypical set up and score on the Power Play for Miller.

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