3/26 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/26 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights continue to reach milestones in their historical inaugural season as they clinched a playoff spot against the Colorado Avalanche.

The Knights have become the first team to reach the Stanley Cup Playoffs in their first season of existence.

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3/20 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/20 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights are looking to secure a playoff spot with a win over the Vancouver Canucks and the San Jose Sharks.

The Golden Knights faced the Canucks last night as the Knights chase playoff berth.

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3/18 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/18 Golden Knights Ticket Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights look to snap their four-game home losing streak against the Calgary Flames.

The Flames are pushing for a playoff run, as the Golden Knights have been in a funk these past few games.

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3/16 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/16 Golden Knights Zamboni Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights took the ice against the Minnesota Wild this past Friday night.

The Wild have been playing with playoff intensity as they fight for a spot in the postseason, which showed against the Knights.

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3/14 Winner of Adam S. Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

3/14 Adam Kutner Giveaway Winner

The Vegas Golden Knights returned from their road trip to face the New Jersey Devils.

The Devils are in a race to secure a playoff spot as they look to beat the Golden Knights in their first trip to Las Vegas.

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2/27 Winner of Adam Kutner’s Ticket Giveaway

This past Tuesday, the Vegas Golden Knights faced the Los Angeles Kings in a back-to-back matchup.

The Knights and the Kings had played each other the night before, with the Kings taking the win in overtime.

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2/23 Winner of the Adam S. Kutner Ticket Giveaway

2-23 kutner giveaway winner

The Vegas Golden Knights wrap up their seven-game homestead against the Vancouver Canucks.

Both teams came to play in the first period, where the Knights drew first blood with a goal from NHL rookie, Tomas Hyka.

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Winners of the Vegas Golden Knights Ticket Giveaway

Kutner Golden Knights Giveaway

Las Vegas has welcomed our first professional sports team, the Golden Knights, into the city with open arms. With the city’s full support, the Golden Knights continue to make their first season an unbelievable one.  The team has already made a huge impact on Las Vegas, not only on the ice but also within the community. They have given so much to the city, it is only right we return the favor.

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Adam Kutner Cares Donates over $5,000 in Supplies to Safe Nest & Nevada SPCA

Although the holidays are generally a time for celebrating, for some members of the Las Vegas community, this may not be a reality. For victims of domestic abuse and their children, the holidays can be stressful and confusing. It’s important for all members of the community to keep those like victims of domestic violence in our minds during the holiday season. Giving back to victims of domestic violence helps show these individuals that Las Vegas residents are here to help and that they are important members of the local community.

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Kutner Donates $1,000 to the Vegas Jr. Golden Knights

Las Vegas Youth Hockey Team

Although the city of Las Vegas has long been interested in hockey, it wasn’t until the arrival of the Golden Knights that the city’s interest in the sport seriously peaked. As this is Las Vegas’ first franchise in any of the four primary North American professional sports, the level of excitement surrounding their presence in the city has been astounding. Besides the economic implications of hosting a professional NHL team in the city, another exciting benefit of having the Golden Knights as Las Vegas’ hometown team is the impact it’s expected to have on youth involvement in the sport.

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